Protect Your Vintage Treasure with Classic Car Insurance 2023

Classic car insurance

Protect Your Vintage Treasure with Classic Car Insurance 2023

Classic car insurance is a type of insurance that is meant to safeguard vintage and classic autos. These treasured automobiles frequently have substantial historical, sentimental, and monetary value, making them one-of-a-kind assets that necessitate specialized coverage. Classic car insurance, unlike normal auto insurance coverage, takes into account the unique qualities of these vehicles, giving customised protection and ensuring owners can enjoy their prized autos with peace of mind.

Classic car insurance understands that vintage and classic cars have characteristics that distinguish them from modern ones. These vehicles are often older, having been built at least 20 years ago, and may be regarded collectibles due to low production numbers, distinctive designs, or iconic status. As a result, insuring an antique car necessitates a grasp of its value appreciation, maintenance requirements, and the unique care it necessitates. will provide some of information for you in this post.

What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance
Classic car insurance

Vintage car insurance, commonly referred to as classic car insurance, is a specialized plan for older vehicles. While the policy functions similarly to regular auto insurance, it is anticipated that you will only infrequently use your historic car for recreational purposes.

How old does a car have to be for classic insurance?

You may have a preconceived notion of what constitutes a classic car, whether it be a modern classic or a historical one. It’s far less interesting when it comes to insurance. Insurance companies frequently adopt the HMRC’s definition of a vintage car, which is one that is over 15 years old and has a market worth of at least £15,000. It must be at least 40 years old to be free from taxes.

However, different insurance companies may have different definitions, so it’s crucial to double-check before purchasing a coverage.

What does classic car insurance cover?

Classic car insurance
Classic car insurance

Many of the same things are covered by classic automobile insurance as they are by regular car insurance:

  • Third-party insurance protects you from harm to other people’s property, including their automobiles.
  • Similar to the previous insurance, third-party, fire and theft insurance also guards your vehicle from theft and fire damage.
  • Comprehensive coverage protects you, your car, and other people and vehicles against harm and property damage.
  • A historic car insurance coverage may include caps or other restrictions, which is one of the key distinctions. You might have a mileage cap, for instance.

You can purchase a variety of classic automobile insurance add-ons, just like a conventional auto insurance coverage. These consist of:

  • The correct breakdown cover will ensure that your historic automobile is safe, well-cared for, and repaired as soon as possible if you ever have the misfortune to break down while operating it.
  • Legal defense: If you are in an accident, this additional coverage will enable you to recover any related legal fees.
  • European coverage will guarantee that you are protected to drive on the continent if you enjoy driving your classic automobile overseas, whether it be across the Alps or down to the south of France.

Can you get cheap classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance
Classic car insurance

It may come as a surprise to learn that classic automobile insurance might be less expensive than ordinary car insurance. This is because historic cars are often driven less frequently than conventional cars, and classic car owners take greater care of their pride and joy. You won’t see them being driven off-road or on a track day.

However, some antique automobile insurance policies include a mileage limits, and you must be very careful not to exceed that limit without informing your insurance provider.

How can I reduce the cost of my classic car insurance?

Here are a few methods you may assist reduce the cost of your premium in order to receive the cheapest classic vehicle insurance premium possible:

  • Limit your mileage – If you agree to an annual mileage limit, you should be able to earn a significant discount. Simply ensure that the mileage limit you agree on is big enough, as exceeding it will invalidate your coverage.
  • Improve your security – your historic car may attract the attention of criminals, and its age may indicate that it is poorly safeguarded. Installing an alarm and a tracking device could lower the cost of your insurance. Also, if possible, park the automobile in a closed garage overnight.
  • Don’t modify the car – some insurance companies will refuse to cover customized vehicles, and those that will insure you will most likely charge you extra. A modification is more than just installing a showy exhaust. Any additions or upgrades, no matter how minor or common, must be disclosed. If you do not comply, your insurance may be voided.
  • Join a classic automobile club – While this is not a sure way to acquire the cheapest classic car insurance, members of classic car clubs are often rewarded with exclusive discounts.
  • Shop around and compare classic car insurance rates – comparing quotes from multiple companies is one of the quickest and easiest ways to find a low-cost classic car insurance coverage. We at Comparethemarket can assist you in doing just that. Simply provide some information, and we’ll offer you estimates from a selection of insurance carriers, allowing you to choose the best one for you and your vehicle.


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