Comprehensive Collectible Car Insurance for Classic Car Enthusiasts

Collectible car insurance

Comprehensive Collectible Car Insurance for Classic Car Enthusiasts

A standard Collectible car insurance policy will not provide adequate coverage for historic autos. While most cars lose value over time, a classic or collector car gains value. Classic Collectible car insurance policies are often agreed value, which means that your coverage level is determined by the agreed worth of your vehicle. A classic auto policy will also often include collision and comprehensive coverage, which will protect your vehicle from practically any harm on or off the road.

The finest classic Collectible car insurance providers provide tailored coverage for classic cars, such as agreed value, spare parts coverage, inflation guard, and no yearly mileage limits. Consider the type of classic car you have and how frequently you drive it while looking for the best classic Collectible car insurance. will provide some of information for you in this post.

Best classic and collector car insurance companies

Collectible car insurance
Collectible car insurance

When it comes to insuring your historic car, you won’t have as many options for Collectible car insurance firms. Few of the major national insurance companies directly cover historic automobiles, while several, such as Geico, Progressive, and USAA, cooperate with classic car experts to underwrite policy. Our specialists combed through the top classic car insurers to recommend the best options based on aspects such as coverage, benefits, mileage restrictions, and covered automobiles.

American Modern

American Modern provides $2,000 in standard spare parts coverage, which is four times the coverage provided by most firms. This benefit protects you against the theft or damage of spare components. You’ll also get inflation protection, which ensures that your coverage amount improves as the value of your automobile increases.

American Modern has multiple mileage options, including an unlimited mileage option, which is ideal for collectors who frequently drive their historic automobiles. American Modern is also one of the few Collectible car insurance firms that will insure practically any atypical vintage car, such as an old roadster, a fire truck, or even a decommissioned military Jeep.

Because American Modern also underwrites policies for Geico, you may be eligible for bundling reductions if you have another Geico Collectible car insurance policy.


Safeco offers two mileage options: normal use, which allows you to drive your classic car up to 10,000 miles per year, and limited use, which allows you to drive your classic automobile up to 5,000 miles per year. Regular use allows you to drive your car up to 27 miles per day on average with no extra restrictions, making it an excellent choice if your 1968 Ford Mustang is your everyday driver or you take it on frequent road trips.

The most significant disadvantage of Safeco is the limits. Safeco only insures classic cars over 10 years old, limited production modern classics under 10 years old, and antique cars over 25 years old. Kit cars, race cars, and unrestored automobiles are not covered by Safeco.


Hagerty is one of just three firms we looked into that provide restoration coverage at any stage of the job. At $750, Hagerty provides above-average spare parts coverage with no mileage restrictions. Furthermore, because Hagerty underwrites Progressive classic Collectible car insurance, you may be eligible for a Progressive bundling discount.

Classic automobile collectors can also profit from Hagerty. Carcierge, Hagerty’s in-house parts specialists, will assist you in locating original or aftermarket replacement components. You can also join the Hagerty Drivers Club, which provides 24/7 roadside support as well as savings on car accessories, rentals, and transportation services.

How do I find the best classic car insurance?

Collectible car insurance
Collectible car insurance

Consider the type of classic automobile you have, the coverage you require, and methods to save while looking for the best classic Collectible car insurance for you. A vintage Fiat you’re renovating in your garage may require more spare components. A vintage Porsche that you drive to local car events every week could benefit from increased annual mileage limitations and inflation protection. Some frequent characteristics to look for are:

  • Discounts. Look for a business that provides discounts for bundling policies, insuring numerous cars or having a car collection, owning an expensive car, parking your car in a garage, installing safety features, being a member of a car club, and being an experienced driver.
  • Deductibles are adjustable. Some providers, such as American Modern, offer deductibles of up to $10,000, which could help you save money on premiums for a car you want to self-insure. You can also get no-deductible policies from firms like Grundy, which means you won’t have to pay for repairs out of pocket.
  • Inflation protection. This feature improves your protection levels at no extra expense as the value of your car increases, often by 4% to 6%. This benefit is available from American Collectors, American Modern, and Grundy.
  • Coverage for spare parts. This benefit protects you from replacement component theft or damage and is suitable for rare car types with hard-to-find parts. Most employers provide $500 or less, with a handful providing as much as Hagerty’s $750 or American Modern’s hefty $2,000 bonus.

Best classic car insurance by car type

Collectible car insurance
Collectible car insurance

Almost any type of classic Collectible car insurance can be insured, including customized street rods, kit cars, classic bikes, vintage milk trucks, ancient farm equipment, and even decommissioned military vehicles.

Almost every company covers the fundamental types of historic cars, such as antiques, replicas, altered classics, and hot rods. The cars covered by American Collectors, American Modern, Hagerty, and J.C. Taylor have the fewest restrictions. Safeco and State Farm only cover a few types of classic autos.


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