Best Car Insurance for the Elderly in 2023

Car insurance for the elderly

Best Car Insurance for the Elderly in 2023

Every driver must have Car insurance for the elderly, but as you age, your requirements for coverage may alter. Retirement-age drivers can discover that they drive less, relocate to a different state, or purchase a car that fits a more modest lifestyle. Finding the best auto insurance for seniors might be difficult because there are many insurance providers on the market.

We compared the best Car insurance for the elderly companies to see which ones offer comprehensive coverage, a wide range of endorsements, and substantial savings for a lower rate. also took into account alternatives for managing your policy online or on your smartphone, third-party company ratings, and customer service.

Best Car insurance for the elderly

Car insurance for the elderly
Car insurance for the elderly

State Farm


We determined that State Farm offered seniors the most comprehensive coverage and the most reasonably priced options. According to internal analysis, State Farm provides some of the most affordable premiums for senior drivers. State Farm charges an average of $880 per year for full coverage Car insurance for the elderly for 67-year-olds, or roughly $73 per month.

State Farm has numerous discounts for senior drivers who desire an even better bargain on their Car insurance for the elderly in addition to its competitive prices. You will set money aside for any of the following:

  • Possessing a spotless driving record
  • Taking a course on defensive driving
  • Combining your policies
  • Joining the Drive Safe & Save initiative
  • Owning a vehicle with cutting-edge safety features
  • Putting an anti-theft system in your car

Despite the fact that State Farm is known for its large discounts, some are only offered in a few states. For instance, California offers a mature driver development course to older drivers, but most other states do not provide this discount.

State Farm falls short when it comes to coverage alternatives, especially when compared to some of its top rivals. There are just a few add-on coverages available, such as:

  • Towing service
  • Reimbursement for a rental automobile
  • Insurance endorsement for ridesharing

State Farm’s lack of nationwide availability of coverage is another factor to be aware of. Except for Massachusetts and Rhode Island, seniors can already get State Farm Car insurance for the elderly in all 50 states as well as in the District of Columbia.

One of the best companies for accessibility is State Farm. Online Car insurance for the elderly is simple to purchase, and you can maintain your coverage via the mobile app or online client site. 24/7, you can submit and follow up on claims online or via the app.

Among all insurance companies, State Farm has some of the highest third-party evaluations. In Florida, New York, and the Northwest, J.D. Power ranked it as the greatest Car insurance for the elderly provider for all-around client satisfaction.


  • Several discounts are offered
  • For elderly drivers, low average premiums
  • Ratings for both customer happiness and financial stability are high.


  • Fewer add-on protections than some rivals
  • Not available countrywide coverage
  • State differences in discounts



Car insurance for the elderly
Car insurance for the elderly


One of the top Car insurance for the elderly providers for senior drivers who served in the military could be USAA. For service members who are on current duty or who have retired, as well as for their spouses and kids, USAA offers affordable plans. However, USAA car insurance is not available to citizens who are not connected to the armed forces.

According to internal data, USAA is the cheapest Car insurance for the elderly provider for seniors on our list with an average full coverage car insurance premium for a 67-year-old driver of $772 annually.

By utilizing the several USAA discounts, senior drivers can also save money. These reductions include savings for:

  • Multiple vehicle insurance
  • Keeping a spotless driving record
  • Driving below a threshold of annual mileage
  • Taking a course on defensive driving
  • Taking part in the SafePilot driver training program
  • Using a more recent car

Customers of USAA get access to exclusive discounts for non-insurance products through the USAA Perks program in addition to their savings on Car insurance for the elderly. Tires, tax preparation services, lodging, and other services all have customer-only discounts.

Even while USAA offers great prices, it’s not the greatest supplier if you want to add endorsements to your policy. The only available add-on policies, in addition to a basic minimum coverage or full coverage policy, are:

  • Towing service
  • Reimbursement for a rental automobile

A superb third-party rating is also given to USAA. It consistently ranks among the best service providers for all-around client satisfaction, according to J.D. Power. Additionally, it has a robust financial position, earning AM Best’s highest possible grade of A++.

In addition to Washington, D.C., USAA offers senior drivers Car insurance for the elderly in all 50 states. You can download the free mobile app to your phone to retrieve your ID cards, ask for roadside help, and submit claims while on the go in addition to using the hassle-free online policy management system.


  • Prices that are very reasonable for most older drivers
  • Numerous insurance reductions are available.
  • Discounts for members on non-insurance products


  • To be covered, one must be eligible for military service.
  • There aren’t many add-on policies offered.


Car insurance for the elderly
Car insurance for the elderly


Our top recommendation for senior AARP members who drive is The Hartford. If you are not an active AARP member, you must become one and pay the yearly membership cost before you may submit an application for Car insurance for the elderly via The Hartford.

The Hartford is a solid auto insurance provider overall, but it distinguishes out in particular for its extensive array of add-on coverages. This is a wonderful supplier to choose if you want to alter your policy to provide more protection. Here are a few of the available endorsement guidelines:

  • Replacement coverage for new cars
  • Glass to the brim
  • Coverage by RecoverCare
  • Lifetime warranty on auto repairs
  • Gap coverage
  • Vanishing deductible
  • 24-hour roadside help is available.
  • Forgiveness of mistakes

The Hartford provides fewer discounts in comparison to certain other auto insurance providers. There are, nevertheless, several chances to save money. Additionally, simply for becoming an AARP member, you can automatically save up to 10%. The Hartford offers reductions for:

  • Having airbags and anti-lock brakes in your vehicle
  • Insurance for electric or hybrid cars
  • Taking a course on defensive driving
  • Combining a home and car insurance policy
  • Complete payment of your yearly premium

We also appreciate The Hartford’s 24/7 claim reporting phone service, which includes glass claims. Either the mobile app or the member portal allow you to submit claims online. The Hartford is an excellent option if you desire a vehicle insurance provider that offers efficient claim handling. The Hartford was named first out of 18 firms in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.


  • Numerous add-on insurance options
  • By phone, 24/7 claim reporting
  • Positive customer feedback


  • Average rates are higher than with certain other carriers.
  • Coverage is only available to AARP members.
  • Fewer savings than competing vendors

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